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About Us

John Harold

John Harold, though born in Michigan, has deep roots in Colorado, with family ties stretching back generations. His great-grandfather pioneered subdivisions in Golden in the 1800s, and John moved to the Uncompahgre Valley in the 1970s, bringing with him a legacy of service and a strong work ethic inherited from his father, a businessman in sales.

John’s commitment to his community shone early on. He played a crucial role in establishing the first Group Home on the Western Slope, providing essential support for individuals with intellectual disabilities. In 1980, he built and opened Colorow Care Center, one of the few Skilled Nursing Facilities in Montrose County.

While managing the Group Home and Colorow Care Center, John discovered his passion for farming. He started selling Olathe’s prized sweet corn directly from pickups, which grew into Tuxedo Corn, a thriving family business. His wife Donna joined him in the late 70s, and together they raised three sons—John William, David, and Joseph—who are all actively involved in the business.

John’s unwavering dedication to his community, family, and agriculture defines his life’s work. Whether raising top-quality corn, caring for those in need, or nurturing his family business, John approaches everything with the same commitment and passion – 24/7.

David Harold 

David Harold’s story reflects a spirit of exploration and a deep love for his family farm. Growing up in Olathe, Colorado, David worked around the world after high school and college, returning home during summers to help his dad on the farm.

In the early 2000s, David returned to Olathe, bringing a wealth of knowledge to Tuxedo Corn. He has since been instrumental in the farm’s growth, improving soil health and adopting sustainable practices that enhance long-term viability.

David is actively involved with the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union, working to improve farm worker conditions across Colorado and the U.S. His dedication to social responsibility underscores his approach to agriculture.

A strong advocate for technological advancements, David has improved efficiency and productivity at Tuxedo Corn while ensuring all sweet corn is hand-picked.

Outside of the farm, David enjoys a fulfilling family life with his wife, Lynett, and their four children.


John William Harold 

John William Harold transitioned from his upbringing in Colorado to become a pivotal figure in the agricultural landscape of Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico. As a teenager, he made the bold decision to join his family’s farming venture in Mexico, where he has dedicated over three decades to cultivating a thriving agricultural legacy.

Working closely with his brother David, John William oversees the cultivation of a diverse range of crops, including sweet corn, onions, wheat, and other vegetables. Their collaborative efforts have earned them a reputation for producing top-quality produce that is esteemed both locally and beyond.

John William’s commitment to farming and his partnership with David exemplify the spirit of innovation, resilience, and collaboration that defines the Harold family legacy. Their collective vision and dedication continue to shape the agricultural landscape of Guaymas, honoring the enduring traditions of their family while embracing new opportunities for growth and prosperity.

Joseph Harold 

Joseph Harold, the youngest son of John and Donna Harold, contributes to the family business, Tuxedo Corn, in various ways. When he’s not busy taking photos of local events, you can find him at the corn shed during the summer, helping with selling and loading corn, or selling beverages at the office. 

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